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The Golf Clinic with
Elite Performance Therapy and Costa Health

Welcome to The Golf Clinic, the leading golf clinic on the Costa del Sol for all golfing injuries and optimising performance.


We are delighted to be collaborating with La Siesta Golf Academy and our dedicated team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Sports massage therapists are here to provide full body movement assessment for golfers and offer players the opportunity to improve their performance and avoid injuries. Have you been told you overextend in the swing or sway?


What does this mean, and how can you improve it…


What is a good golf swing?

The Proper Golf Swing Sequence – The Secret of the Pros

To become a good golfer, you must understand the key fundamentals of the golf swing, particularly the Kinematic Sequence of an excellent golf swing.


The Kinematic Sequence is an efficient motion sequence in a skilled golf swing.

A good kinematic sequence means better efficiency!

Efficiency in the golf swing refers to generating power and accuracy with minimal wasted motion. Here's why a good golf swing is often synonymous with efficiency:

  • Consistency: An efficient golf swing promotes consistency in your shots. When unnecessary movements are eliminated, the chances of repeating a successful swing increase. This leads to more predictable and reliable outcomes on the golf course.

  • Power Generation: Efficiency in the golf swing maximises power without requiring excessive force. By focusing on proper weight transfer, rotation, and movement sequencing, golfers can harness their body's potential to generate clubhead speed, resulting in longer and more powerful shots.

  • Reduced Strain on the Body: An efficient swing minimises stress on different body parts. Unnecessary or incorrect movements can contribute to injuries or discomfort. A well-structured swing ensures that energy is transferred smoothly, reducing the risk of strain on joints and muscles.

  • Improved Control: Efficiency contributes to better control over the club and ball. A streamlined swing allows golfers to maintain better balance and control the clubface, leading to more accurate shots. This is crucial for navigating the complexities of various golf course situations.

  • Adaptability: An efficient golf swing is adaptable to different conditions. Golfers with efficient swings find adjusting easier, whether adapting to different clubs, addressing challenging lies, or accommodating variations in the wind.


Body Movement Assessment

At The Golf Clinic, meet Sarah, our Chiropractor and Isy, our Sports Massage therapist.


They are both specialist TPI trained and are best placed to identify physical limitations or imbalances in body movement. Addressing these issues proactively helps prevent injuries and ensures a more resilient body during play.


Understanding your body’s movement patterns allows you to customise your swing mechanics. A tailored approach ensures that your swing aligns with your body’s natural capabilities, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of strain.


Let us enhance your performance! By optimising your body’s movement, you can unlock untapped potential. This translates to improved power, flexibility, and control in your golf swing, ultimately contributing to a more successful and enjoyable game.


We have vast experience in treating golfers. Sarah has been involved with Golf for the last 15 years, working with many golfers on the Wirral, both amateur and professional. Isy has been working alongside the Ladies European Tour and Asian Tour for the last 6 years, working directly with the professionals.


Below are a couple of testimonials from golfers we have treated – one currently playing on the Ladies European Tour!

Below are a couple of testimonials from golfers we have treated – one currently playing on the Ladies European Tour!

Kylie Henry 

“Isy is a brilliant sports therapist, really strong and gets stuck in where you need it. She has helped me with injuries and recurring tight areas from golf and every time I see her, I walk away feeling great.


Isy really knows her stuff and is an asset to our tour support team."

To read more testimonials please visit out reviews on google.


Should you have any queries, want to book a golf assessment or find out more information about what we do, please do call or WhatsApp us on + 34 635 508 964 or +34 711 079 431.

Happy Golfing!

Welcome to La Siesta Golf Club

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